How can I check my NAP status?

In the app's Profile under the Nap status section, you can review the phase, available participation status, and the in deeps of your request for each NAP.

Icons next to each Nap signify your participation status:

  • Empty dot: You are not participating in this Nap.
  • 3 yellow dots: You registered in the Nap but are not yet confirmed.
  • Green dot: You are confirmed in the Nap.

NAP status breakdown: 

A. Enrolling:

Register me in NAP – If you have a Priority Code, please insert it in the field below. If not, leave it empty: You can still register for the Nap.

  • Waiting list - You still have - x days to enter your Priority Code: You can still add your Priority Code.
  • Waiting list - You can no longer update your registration.
  • Confirmed: You are part of the Nap.

B. In Progress:

  • Confirmed.
  • WE ARE SORRY - You were not selected for NAP participation.

C. Terminated:

  • Confirmed - x/24 (with x >=24) Tests performed - Well done. You have now completed this phase of NAP. Thank you for your participation and your contribution to the NAP.
  • Confirmed - x/24 (with x < 24) Tests performed - You did not complete successfully this phase of NAP. Your contribution to the NAP international research study could not be enough. You will receive a confirmation after we complete an in depth analysis of the result achieved.
  • WE ARE SORRY - You were not selected for NAP participation.
What I have to do if my participation in NAP1 is not confirmed ?