What is the function of the sensors with the green light and the red light?

The Green Light corresponds to the sensor that measures the Heartbeat and the Red Light that measures the Oxygenation of the Blood.

  • Flashing green sensor:
  1. When a health measurement is performed manually.
  2. When the Watch performs automatic health measurements every hour.
  • Solid Green Sensor:

When the 24h monitoring function is active in the Watch.

  • Red Sensor:

The Watch Lite SE has a red sensor that functions with measuring the level of Blood Oxygenation.

The red sensor is located on the back of the Watch Lite SE, and it is activated when the Blood Oxygen measurement is started from the Watch's Health menu.

When the Blood Oxygenation function is activated, the red sensor remains on and fixed until the measurement is finished and the user returns to the Health menu of the Watch.

Please note:

  • When the 24h monitoring function is inactive, the green sensor on the Watch will only turn on every hour when performing automatic health measurements.
  • The green sensor remains on permanently to be able to detect any arrhythmias in the user.
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