What are Biosense Bundles?

Biosense Bundles are a new type of BioSense bundle offer available in our shop. 
Each Biosense Bundle includes four BioSense health bands. The cost is US$496, which represents a savings of US$100, compared to the usual cost of four BioSense bands.
They come in three different options: 

  • Combo: includes one BioSense Black and Silver, one BioSense Black and Gold, one BioSense White and Silver, and one BioSense White and Gold.
  • White: includes two BioSense White and Silver, and two BioSense White and Gold.
  • Black: includes two BioSense Black and Silver, and two BioSense Black and Gold.
Please note: BioSense Redeem Codes cannot be applied to the purchase of Biosense Bundles, but users can use their Affiliate Code at checkout to save an additional 10%.
How can I change my HeloHealth Shop payment method?