Use Do not disturb mode (Silent mode) on your LifeWatch Generation 2

To make sure you're always on track, you can set numerous reminders on your device. But sometimes the reminders can be more distracting than helpful. When you need to silence notifications, such as at a movie or in a meeting, you can temporarily disable them with silent mode. You can also turn them off when it's time to go to sleep.

Turn on Do not disturb mode using your watch

Please note:  This option is not available in the LifeWatch Light SE. You can only turn it on via the app menu.

When Do not disturb is turned on, all notifications are turned off, but you will still be able to see the unread notifications.

  1. Go to the Menu page of your LifeWatch and click on  Settings .

  2. Click on the bar next to “ No Disturb ” to activate it. The white circle on the bar will turn green to indicate that the feature is on.

Please note: You can also activate the No Disturb mode by simply swiping up on the Watch Home Screen and selecting the Moon icon.

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