How do I activate the 24h monitoring?

Helo devices continuously monitor your 24h monitoring when you activate it.

  • On BioSense: 

1. Open the App and go to the Device page. 
2. Scroll down until you find 24h monitoring and click on it to switch it ON.

  • On Watch Generation 2 and Watch Lite SE:

1. Go to the Health page and scroll down until you find AFib, and click on it. 
2. Click on the switch displayed on the screen to activate the monitoring. 

Please note: 
- This feature requires a Wellness+ subscription
- The result will be visible on the App only after 6 hours, as the watch will monitor and collect the atrial activity to set a baseline for more accurate results.
- The green optical sensor under the device will always be on when you activate 24h monitoring.
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