BIA: When Two is Better Than One

Amazing things happen when you combine a Helo wearable, the Leggera 2 smart scale, and our BIA algorithm.

For understanding your body, two sources of information are better than one. That’s exactly what Helo Health™ offers with the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) feature available on both the Leggera 2 smart scale and wearables, specifically the BioSense™ health band and LifeWatch™ Generation 2.

While using the scale or a wearable alone provides a useful BIA report — something you can track and study for long-term improvement — the real magic happens when you use Leggera and your Helo wearable together for a complete, total body composition measurement. Each device complements and enhances the measurement of the other.


In total, BIA from Helo Health reports nearly 20 different metrics that provide broad insights, including:

Total Body Water - Total water present in the body.
Fat Mass - The amount of fat stored in your body. While you need some fat, excess fat contributes to poor health and disease.
Muscle - The muscular volume is related to the weight of the part of the lean mass that makes up the muscular fiber. It has an important role in basic metabolism, protecting internal organs, the cardiovascular function, etc.

Skeleton - Bone Mass, which includes minerals like calcium, phosphorus,
and magnesium.
Extra Cellular Mass - Includes bone, cartilage, ligaments, and non-metabolically active tissues, along with extracellular water.
Ideal Weight - Your ideal weight, based on height, age, and sex.

Visceral - Visceral fat which is stored in the abdomen around organs. This type of fat is more likely to increase your risk for serious medical issues, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes.
Body Cellular Mass Index - The metabolically active component of fat-free mass and the single best predictor of nutritional status.
Basal Metabolism Rate - The number of calories you burn as your body performs basic (basal) life-sustaining functions, which typically accounts
for 60 to 70% of total calorie burn.

Equipped with this valuable bio-data — carefully measured and reported from two sources — you can better gauge the impact of your efforts to eat right, exercise, and enjoy a wellness-centered lifestyle.

Enjoy a comprehensive measurement of your body composition by using your Helo wearable and the Helo Leggera 2 smart scale together.

BioSense Health Band™ Recognized with an iF Design Award
An exciting accolade for Helo’s latest wearable